Wireless Charging and DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Mount Information

Wireless Charging & Magnetic Mounts

Wireless induction chargers such as Qi, Belkin, Samsung, Mophie and other brands should never have any metal between the charging surface and the phone.

Wireless Phone Charging

So that means if you plan on running the Bulletproof Mounting Solutions DiabloM6 Magnetic Phone Mount, it requires the addition of a metal plate on the rear of your device in order to function.

In that case, we would only recommend using a charging cable to charge your device and not a wireless charger.

If you want to safely maintain your wireless charging functionality, we strongly recommend looking at our Universal Jeep Phone Mount systems which do not require the use of a metal plate.

Heavy Off-Road Use?

In addition, if you are a frequent off-roader, the universal phone mount provides a truly rock solid grip on your phone. For daily driving and light off-roading, the magnetic mount is perfect.

Heavy Off-Road